Do you want to find the

gifts and beauty  

beyond your child's diagnosis? 



No-one can help your child more then you to nurture their gifts they have to share with the world.


Hi! I'm Corley.png

I am a coach for parents of children with unique needs.

I have a Masters of Psychology, Degrees in Education, Arts and Inclusive Special Education, am a Yoga Teacher and Coach.  

I bring together my spiritual practice, expertise in special education and personal experience putting my skills to practice while raising my son with unique needs in the work I offer parents.  I am passionate about helping parents go from survival mode to overcoming obstacles to know deeper parent child intimacy and help them help their kids reach their true potential.

When I'm not coaching parents, I can be found at the beach, outside barefoot under a tree, meditating or doing yoga and of course keeping up with my three kids, two dogs and husband!


  • “Corley is incredibly gifted and has such a wonderful heart and passion for helping others to navigate parenting and relationships. When my middle son was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech, she helped me in so many ways from offering ideas, suggestions and resources to also just being that listening ear. She also helped me to navigate the many feelings that I was experiencing and empowered me to be the best parent for my son. I'll forever be grateful for her love, care and expertise. She is one of a kind and I'm so thankful our paths crossed. If you're looking for unbiased, non-judgemental, caring and loving support, you're definitely in the right place.”

  • “If you are a parent who is struggling to raise your child with needs, Corley is a kind, intuitive, highly skilled professional who will meet you where you are at and help you navigate your journey. She has loads of personal and professional experience, but maybe more important than all of that, she is capable of deeply attuning and holding space as a gentle guide who will help empower you to find your way. I totally recommend connecting with Corley, you do not have to do this alone.”

  • “Corley is incredibly emotionally intelligent, patient and experienced. Just what a family needs to get through the tough times and more than manage their life. Highly recommend if you need support and strategies with parenting.”

  • “Corley has a wealth of experience, practical advice and common sense approach to planning for students.”

    Resource Teacher

  • “In my experience working with Corley, she is a warm, kind, genuine and caring person. She has taught a wide range of skills to many children with complex special needs. She works closely with parents to help them learn skills and gain tools so they can help their children maximize growth in many areas. I would highly recommend her!”

    Former School Psychologist and Clinical Consultant

  • “I have had the privilege to work with Corley in a family centred private practice setting. Through this work together, I was able to see the compassion and dedication that she brings to her work with families. Corley is highly skilled in her ability to collaborate and lead parents and their teams toward successful implementation of programs. You want to have Corley on your team!”

    Speech Language Pathologist

Want to talk more about working together?

I've Been There

This was not what you expected and you might feel unprepared or lost.                                                                                                                                                             

You feel like you're drowning with an endless list of things to do, juggling appointments, managing behaviour, and looking after everyone else except you.                                                     

You may worry about the future or be stuck at the mercy of systems and external events.                                                                                    

Perhaps you long for a deeper connection with your child and also with yourself.                                                                                                           

You long for something more, something different - something beyond the assessments, diagnoses, goals and skills.

I've been through these struggles with my child who has some needs, but have also been able to have a completely different experience.

You are your child's expert and are meant to know the good, like:

  • Being fully empowered so that you and your child can flourish.

  • Being present to enjoy the moments with your child the you have now, free of constant regret, fear and worry about the past and future.

  • Getting through the day with more ease.

  • Understanding your child’s needs in a way that makes sense to you and understanding what you can do and how you can best manage the tough parts and build on the strengths.

  • Feeling the sense of satisfaction of knowing you’ve done all you can with the system that serve you.

  • More often, having the system meet your needs due to your understanding of it and knowing how to advocate effectively.

  • Feeling deeply connected to your child, preserve relationships, balance your roles as mom and “tutor / therapist” as you help your child with his or her difficulties.

  • Feeling confident in your ability as a parent, allowing yourself to trust your intuition to guide decisions.

  • Finding your voice, knowing just what to say to friends and family, to professionals who help you, and even to your child.

My Vision

I want nothing more then for  parents of children with unique needs to be free of fear and regret and for their kids know more about their gifts and strengths then they do about their challenges.

Empowered with the right tools and guidance, parents can make that happen and be free to know the beauty of each precious moment with their child and help their kids flourish.

It's a simple shift.

It means parents of kids that don't 'fit in' with the norm can move through life going towards the joy and building on their gifts, rather the shrinking away from their fears and only focused on fixing their "problems".

And when these kids and their parents get their needs met, the rest of the world will benefit from the authentic gifts their children have to offer.

My Story (Coles Notes Version)

I found myself surprised to be in the shoes of the parents whom I'd helped for so many years in the school and health system when we trying to figure out why my son couldn't talk and was struggling in many other ways.  

I thought I knew a lot from my many degrees and years in the field, but life had so much more to teach me.  

No course or job training could have prepared me for the emotional journey of it.  Denial, guilt, self-doubt, fear, worries for the future and silent tears replaced the joy of sharing videos highlighting the cute things my little one said or showing off the new and impressive things he was learning each day.  

I was and am deeply grateful for my knowledge of systems, learning and teaching, tools and strategies which hugely benefited us as we worked incredibly hard to help our son learn to make the simple sounds and later words and sentences in speech and overcome other sensory, impulse, social and behaviour challenges.  


Yet I found there was so much more to it then assessments, teaching and skills.  

His needs and challenges not only affected my child, but also impacted our family and relationships so deeply.  


So in addition to celebrating the skills gained and words learned, we have enjoyed other gains, such as allowing the "disorder" to live in our life instead of pouring every ounce of energy into wishing it away.

I've been able to see past deficits to see potential and gifts.

I've balanced our "doing" with "being" with mindfulness of my roles of "helper" and "mom" to preserve and also deepen our relationship, and I've also reclaimed my relationship with myself along the way.  

Yes, my son has needs, but if I could I wouldn't change anything.  I've come to trust that some things are just simply part of a bigger plan and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds for us. 

How I Can Help

With my combined experience of parenting my own son who has a number of needs and 16 years of training and experience helping children and families with special needs in the school and health systems, I can be the catalyst to help you break through your challenges to know something more meaningful that serves you and your child.

I believe no one can make the impact on a child that parents can.  That's why I created simple systems that take care of the parent first.  

When they are truly supported and guided, their children will flourish more then ever.  

I help my clients through personal coaching, soon to come group coaching and independent home study programs.

Also, check in regularly for the many invaluable resources and tips that will be shared on my blog.

We Will Work Together Beautifully If:

  • You are willing to see yourself as empowered and having the ability to impact your child’s life.

  • You are open to look for possibilities and gifts beyond what you currently see.

  • You are willing to take responsibility and do the work to see a transformation in yourself as a parent and in your child.

  • You are prepared to grow as a person as well as see your child grow.

  • You are willing to use your voice and your power even in intimidating or scary situations to transform your circumstances.

  • You are willing to care for yourself.


This Is Not For Those Who:

  • Are looking for a magic bullet to make their problems disappear.

  • Who aren't willing to do the work on themselves as the main path to helping their child.

  • Who are not willing to take responsibility for their power to change their circumstances.

  • Who do not feel comfortable using their voice and implementing changes in their lives.

  • Who are satisfied with the present and uncomfortable with the idea of change.












These precious moments of your child's life pass quickly and can not be reclaimed.  

 Your child has so much to offer in white..png 

If you want to know a different experience  and want help cracking the code to being your best self while helping your child be his or her best self, then click here to explore what your next steps could be.  


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