Here Are Some of My Favourite Resources!

These have been invaluable to me.  Have a look through this list or pass it on to others looking for gift ideas for you or your child.

Click on each header to find the corresponding list of things that have helped me.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!







The links on this page are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase any of these items, I make a small commission.  I only link to items I have found highly valuable and if you purchase items through my links, I thank-you for your support!

Children's Books With Heartfelt Messages

Books with meaningful messages about authenticity, resilience, taking risks and connections.

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A moving book about finding the courage to nurture your authentic ideas to change the world.  

An inspiring book about finding beauty and gifts in your problems when you have the courage to look at them.

A book describing the amazing things that can happen when you take chances.  

A beautiful box set including What Do You Do With an Idea, What Do You Do With a Problem and What Do You Do With a Chance.

A book about our connection and access to love even when apart. The idea in this book is helpful for separation anxiety and bedtime.

A book about the many big feelings our little people feel.

An inspiring book about imagination and possibility.

A book about finding courage and bravery.

A moving story that will help children who need extra reassurance in difficult situations, reminding children that they are loved and supported even when apart.

Children's Books About Mindfulness

Child-friendly books about yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

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A book about mindfulness and anchoring your awareness in the present moment to see the beauty around you.

A children's yoga book with illustrated poses and description of the wonderful feelings that come when we anchor attention in our bodies through yoga poses.

An illustrated yoga sequence designed to help little ones sleep embedded into a story.

An illustrated yoga sequence for to energize children upon waking embedded into a story.

A favorite in our house.  A book and CD with a number of kid-friendly mindfulness meditations including ones about relaxation, worries, feelings and falling asleep.

Mindfulness and Self-Care Books for Parents

Inspiring books about that will help you come into the present moment and learn to care for yourself on your journey.

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This book describes the benefits of meditation and includes six guided meditations.

A simple easy to use book with powerful brain-training exercises to encorporate into your day that will help manage stress, improve mood and resilience.

A book about mindfulness in parenting children.

Books About ADHD

A book that explains ADHD and guides parents on how best to manage it.

This book describes methods to help children with ADHD in school.

 A book outlining the most recent research about treatments for ADHD.