Frequently Asked Questions


What is coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal potential.


How can coaching for parents impact my child and my family?

By being your best self, you can help your child to be their best self. 

Most services focus on your child, whereas these services are for you.  You are with your child more then anyone else and if you're drowning, you aren't able to help your child as much as you otherwise could.  You are the expert in your child's life.  When you recognize this fact and gain skills, connect with your intuition and use your voice; you can get maximum benefit from any other services you receive, enjoy less stressful days and help your child reach their fullest potential.


How is coaching different from therapy?

The main difference between coaching and therapy is that therapy aims to treat a diagnosed disorder or condition.  Coaching differs from therapy in that it aims to help people manage their life and thrive with a diagnosed condition. 

Therapy may be clinical in nature, focus on the past, whereas coaching may encorporate principles of positive psychology and focus on moving toward positivity in the present and future.

My child is already receiving other services. Can I do this at the same time?

Absolutely!  If your child is receiving other services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or any other service, parent coaching would be an excellent support.  Coaching could support you and help you to maximize benefits from the services you receive in many ways including helping you to manage chaotic days so you can better implement recommendations, help you preserve and strengthen your relationship with your child and balance your roles as "home therapist" practicing skills and "parent", help you find your voice so that you ensure the services you receive meet your needs and build your confidence and skill set to help your child with their difficulties to name a few.

If you like, with your consent, I could touch base with the service provider to coordinate our services so that everything runs smoothly for you and your child.

How are coaching services delivered? How does it work?

Coaching usually occurs over the telephone.  Which makes your life a lot easier as a parent!  No need to worry about babysitters, try to get out the door or battle traffic for an appointment.  We can connect and work together from the comfort of your own home.  (You can even stay your jammies if you like).

I offer a variety of options and packages which span various amounts of time depending on your needs which we would determine in an initial consultation.  

Can my spouse participate?

Absolutely! It is important to do what works best for your family.  If you like, your spouse can join in on calls.  If that won't work out or is not your preference, your spouse will have access to all materials and resources provided to you.

Will you attend school meetings with me?

I primarily coach you to develop your own advocacy skills.  This could involve a lot of behind the scenes hand holding that might include guidelines and templates for writing letters, getting clear on what you feel you and your child need from the service provider or school, scripts to help you to frame your questions and give your input, and preparation to help you understand the typical format and purpose of different kinds of school meetings.  And not to mention, mindset shifts to help you realize you are the "Case Manager" and expert and the service provider is there to help you!  (Not the other way around).  

My philosophy is, "Give a gal a fish, feed her for a day.  Teach a gal to fish, feed her for a lifetime."  The aim is to teach you how to fish.  That said, we start wherever you are at and if you feel having me join you at meetings either in person or virtually through use of technology would help you, we could discuss.

What sort of "unique" needs that a child might have can you help with?

I have worked with so many families and diverse needs and am sure I can help you.  And if I know of another individual who could better serve or help you, I will refer you and point you in that direction.

That said, if you're struggling, I'm sure I can help.  I've been there with general struggles that all children face and also have ADHD Coach training and experience as well as experience working with children who have Apraxia of Speech, speech and language issues, hard of hearing, learning disabilities, behaviour difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Sensory Processing challenges to name a few.  

If you and your child are struggling with something else, please contact me and we can talk.

Do you have any other questions or would like more information?  If so, feel free to contact me by clicking the Connect button below and I'll personally answer any other questions you have.